Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Battle of the Bands

More than any other event that defines Ed town is how bands clash in a bizarre combination of song and fury.

Battle of the Band Skill Montage

Trigger Points:
• When it is declared between band.  It is essentially a duel.
Complexity: Participants (size of on looking crowd),
DC: Based on the CR of the rival band.
Modifiers: Conditional, Environmental; General, Social
Base Skill:  Perform
Secondary Skills (+5 to DC): Animal Handling, Diplomacy, Gunplay
Other Actions during Skill Montage: Spellcasting
Total Success: The band wins so overwhelmingly that the combat that usually happens afterwards doesn’t occur.
Success: Every individual success allows a free attack on the rival band without acting as a failure.  If they succced, they win.  If a fight occurs they get a gets a +2 morale bonus if it degenerates into a combat afterwards.
Failure:  Every failure means that the rival band gets an attack on a party member that failed the roll that doesn’t act as a failure.  If they fail, their opponent wins. If a fight occurs they get a gets a +2 morale bonus if it degenerates into a combat afterwards.
Total Failure:  The band is booed off stage.  This may have saved their lives as the fight afterwards won’t occur.
Retry: No; it’s all or nothing.
Other Notes:  This is a Skill Montage where the alternative rule Skill DCs- Dynamic (See book of adventure) could add more oomph.

Attacking the crowd is bad form and gives a -4 morale penalty to any future rolls, including the combat afterwards.

Battle of the Band Equipment

Battle Stage
Costs: 4000 GB
Effect: This location adds a wire screen to the stage that adds cover to the band.
Special: Can be put on a vehicle that is size huge or larger.  The vehicle can no longer use a weapon arm (see book of progress) or turret.

Launchable Speakers
Costs: 5000 GB
Effect:  This fires speakers on the fly allowing for battle of the bands to happen in places other than stages.

Psychic Amplifiers 
Costs: 1000 x the maximum bonus it can give in GB.  For example a psychic amplifer that can give up to a +4 (maximum 1 psychic point) costs 4000 GB
Effects: Because of the inherently psychic quality of music, Psychic Amplifiers are often put onto stage to enhance the performance. 
Such a device gives: a base +2 to any Skill perform checks.  However, if a psychic point is put into it, it adds an additional +2 per psychic point spent.  A maximum of the character’s level divided by four can be added to the roll
Weight: 40 lbs.
Special:  It needs to be selected for whatever Psychic power will be used in the performance.  The following will give a some examples of what it will do:
·         Astral:  This psychic amplifier gives the stage an ethereal feel as it distorts everything.
·         Cryokinesis:  An ice stage show occurs at the same time as long as the music plays.
·         Ectoplasmic Projection:  Ectoplasm morphs and projects and in some cases can act as subtitles so the audience can sing along.
·         Electrokinesis: electricity always provides a draw.
·         Empathy:  This enhances the love of the audience for the band.
·         ESP:  This is often used to point out “a very special someone” in the crowd.
·         Photokinesis:  This power allows the stage to be reshaped to fit the needs of the band.  It also makes for great laser light shows.
·         Telekinesis:  Band Members and equipment can float anywhere on stage.  It also can be used to seed the audience with “merchandise”
·         Telepathy:  This is good for causing the music to not only be heard, but projected into the minds of the audience.
·         Teleportation:  Ever see a music video where the band members appear out of nowhere.  This is how it is done.

·         Vibrokinesis:  Music is enhanced by the natural psychic powers to give it a distinctive feel.

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