Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Psychic Builds #1

This month the book of arrogance will be released on the 15th of July.  As a result, this month has been declared Psychic month.

Fire Drake 

Fly fast, burn hard and leave tons of chard corpses.
Class/Path:  Psychic/Eruptor
Recommended Races:  Dragon (affinity fire); requires the Dragon, and Flight Talent Trees
Party Role:  Flying Blaster
Focus On:   Dexterity (Str 10, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 10); 
Best Skills:: Knowledge (Parapsychology), Perception, Stealth, Treat Injury
Who Are You? You look like the classic dragon of legend, or at least will in about a century. Right now, you are still growing into your wings.  Still, you love to fly and burn those that have earned your wrath.  However, your party has insisted that you carry a First Aid Kit in case you miss.

Level 1
Feats: Extra Powers Talents, Lightning Reflexes
Talents: Dragon’s Breath Beam, Wings-Budding, Wings-Clumsy
Psychic Powers: Path Bonuses, Burning Control, Burn Control-Improved, Burn out 
Awakenings: Pyrokinesis
Tactics:  You try to go to the air whenever possible and let loose your psychic powers to burn stuff.

Level 5
Feats: Dodge, Dodge-Improved
Talents: Powerful Breaths, Wings-Poor
Psychic Powers: Flame Blast, Psychic, Flame Wall
Awakenings: Talent-Class (Psychic Breath Pool)
Tactics:  When you get Flame wall, you become as much a controller as a striker.

Level 10
Feats: Mobility, Roll with Blow, Spring Attack
Talents: Extra Breaths, Wings-Average
Psychic Powers:  Control Thermo, Control Thermo-Improved 
Awakenings: Ability Awakening (+2 Dex)
Tactics:  You now have the ability to bob and weave and have taken effort to improve your AC to avoid being hit.  You also have improved defenses.

Level 15
Feats: Take Cover Run
Talents: Spine over Matter, Wings-Good, Wings-Perfect
Achievement: Dodging Achievement
Psychic Powers:  Flame Aura, Flame Aura-Improved, Telecom
Awakenings: Psychic Awakening: Telepathy
Tactics:  you now have melee defenses as well as are pretty much untouchable in the air.

Level 20
Feats: Lunge, Initiative-Greater, Initiative- Improved
Talents: Dragon Affinity-Improved, Dragon Affinity-Superior
Achievements: Initiative Achievement , Run, Spring, and Lunge Achievement 
Psychic Powers: Telecom-improved, Telecom-link
Awakenings: Whole Body Awakening ,
Tactics:  besides your formidable pyrotechnic powers, you have become the great communicator.  

Sparkling Vampire

My Only Judgment on you is that you look Delicious.
Class/Path:  Psychic/Rocker
Recommended Races: Vampire 
Party Role:  Illusionist, landscape control
Focus On:   Charisma (Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 17); 
Best Skills: Bluff, Performance, Knowledge (Parapsychology), Stealth
Who Are You? You decided the works of 70’s Glam Rock is how you want to live your life and the rest of the world be damned, especially if you can be involved in the damning.  In spite of this, you’d be surprised how popular a vampire is that can control light is amongst their associates.  You like to choose to live in a world of your creation and most people come around for the ride as well.

Level 1
Feats:  Lingering Powers
Talents: Devour Blood (See Drev Book of Magic), Light Show
Psychic Powers: Path Bonuses, Basic Mirage, Combat Mirage, Distortion, Distortion-Improved, Psy-Ambience, Psy-Laser
Awakenings: Photokinesis,
Tactics:  You usually sneak into combat and use combat mirage to “tie up” enemies.  You use psi-laser for when people decide to attack you directly.

Level 5
Feats:  Extra Psychic Points, Psyche Avoidance
Talents: Ballad of Power, Unnatural Deflection
Psychic Powers: Deceptive Mirage, True Mirage
Awakenings: Quantum Awakening
Tactics:  You can hide pretty much anywhere and anything.  You also reshape the terrain with your illusions, often in a mocking fashion.

Level 10
Feats:  Psychic Focus (Basic Mirage), Quantum Specialization (True Mirage), Quicken Power
Talents: Devour Blood/Flesh-Improved, Musical Combat-Basic
Psychic Powers: Psy-laser burst, Audio Detection,
Booming Strikes, Frequency Protection
Awakenings: Class Talent (Sound Check)
Tactics: the addition of vibrokinesis allows your combat guitar hit like an angry god and very little gets past your perceptive senses.  You now have a laser strike that is your own personal salute to Pink Floyd. 

Level 15
Feats:  Extra Power, Steps-Nimble
Achievement: (Mind over Matter Achievement)
Talents: Ballad of Battle, Musical-Combat-improved
Psychic Powers: Harmonic Disruption, Psy-Light, Audiometry, Audiometry-Sounds
Awakenings: Vibrokineis
Tactics: You Vibrokinesis only makes it more effective to attack the senses.

Level 20
Feats:  Psychic Focus (True Mirage), Steps-Acrobatic, Step-up, 
Talents: Ballad of Defense, Ultimate Rock on
Achievements: Steps Achievement
Psychic Powers: Harmonic Negation, Psy-Light Projection 
Awakenings: Amplify Energy Awakening
Tactics:  you now are dedicated to putting on a show and your tools give you a descent show.

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